Mission & Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Louis Bohn Elementary School


“At Louis Bohn Elementary School, our mission is to be:  SHARKS!

        S – Self-Disciplined

H – Honorable

A – Ambitious

   R – Resourceful

   K – Kindhearted

  S – Successful!

Go Sharks!”

Vision - The Louis Bohn Elementary School includes children, teachers, staff, families, and the community of Tracy who shall take part and support the education of our youth. The goal of Louis Bohn School is to prepare each student as an independent, motivated learner who possesses the skills and values necessary to become a productive, successful, and caring citizen of the 21st century.


Students at Louis Bohn School take an active part in making educational choices to develop their individual strengths and interests.  By assuming responsibility for their own learning and actions, students will become self-reliant and committed to personal excellence.  By recognizing the talents and contributions of others, students will develop cooperation and service to others. 


Teachers and support staff will provide these essential elements for learning:

-High academic expectations                         

-A safe learning environment

-A strong literacy program                             

-Opportunities for participating in STEM projects and discussion

-Timely, on-going interventions for at-risk learners

-Instruction in the use of current technological tools

-A strong partnership between home and school

-Role models for good citizenship and guidance.


In such a nurturing and dynamic setting, each student will be prepared for the future.