Principal’s Message

Principal, Michael Burstein

meet the principal

Hello Sharks and welcome to the 2021/2022 school year!

My name is Michael Burstein and I am the Principal at Bohn Elementary School. Louis Bohn is a school of excellence and pride and I am honored to be your principal. It has been a difficult 18 months, and I want to start by thanking all the students, family members, teachers and staff for all the heart and soul you have given throughout these challenging times. Your dedication to your students' academic success will continue to thrive and grow as we transition back into the realm of normalcy. Everything that you have experienced this past year will only help you be a stronger student moving forward. As we transition into a new school year, I am sure there are many questions and concerns. Student and staff safety is my top priority above everything else and my door is always open. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please stop by my office. I will make time to talk with you.  

At Bohn Elementary, we will continue to ensure that we hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards. Sharks are safe, respectful, responsible and kind and we are committed to excellence. As SHARKS, we are Self-disciplined, Honorable, Ambitious, Resourceful, Kindhearted and Successful.  

This means we play by the rules and demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field.  Attend school on time every day and give 100% and ask for help when we need assistance. Respect the teachers, staff and our classmates by being active participants in class and staying engaged.

Take pride in our school by respecting school rules, cleaning up after ourselves and demonstrating that we're SHARKS. Say something when we know there is wrongdoing which also means sticking up for our Shark family, and be buddies, not bullies. 

This year will be filled with fun, excitement, and a whole lot of learning. I am excited to get this year started and your teachers and staff are dedicated to making this a year you won't forget. The question now, is are you ready to give everything you have to be the best Shark you can be? 

As you will hear me say often, stay classy Sharks, and don't forget to smile!

Michael Burstein, Principal